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Personal News: The news in my life.

11.12.00: I have heard from my doctor that patients that have Hepatitis C and have been using the medication Interferon and Rebetrol will be able to use a new medication in January of 2001. Instead of 3 injections per week, the new medication will only be 1 shot per month. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this all works out well. God Bless.

06.14.01:Well it's June, 2001 and I am still waiting to hear from my liver doctor as to when the new Interferon will be available. It was supposed to be available months ago. Thanks to the FDA it's been delayed!!!! Geesh! I am on a list to receive the new pegulated Interferon that only requires a patient to use one injection per week in place of the old Interferon which a patient has to inject 3 times a week. I will keep everyone posted as to when and if they every get this cleared up.


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