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The Thalassemia Action Group has helped me in so many ways. I can remember a time when I felt all alone with this disorder. I used to get transfused with a few other patients with Thalassemia ,but we never had a support group. I attended my first T.A.G. conference back in 1990. I couldn't believe how many people were there. I was so happy to meet people like me who go through the same things that I go through. I met so many wonderful people! I left that conference with a whole new attitude. I was no longer fighting this thing by myself. I had others whom I could look to for support. A few years later, I then became a part of T.A.G. as a Board of Trustee. I was Correspoding Secretary and Donna Faiella was the President. I had so much fun talking back and fourth with Donna getting the Agenda's ready on time. She used to make me laugh so hard! She made a terrific president and I will never forget the talks we had. I also had help from my friend Faye Lam, who was Corresponding Secretary the year before I was. I had no idea what I was doing, but somehow I managed. I urge anyone who is reading this to attend a conference if you haven't already. I have met so many wonderful people and have a whole new outlook on life.

Please contact T.A.G. toll free for Information about T.A.G or about any questions you might have.

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